Our core values:
expressing FAITH
   engaging WITH others in a life of worship, service, and giving
equipping FAMILY
   encouraging the community of God to live life WITH Him
   encompassing life’s journey WITH Spirit-filled community


How we go about living out these values: 

LOVE – through experiencing God
celebrating our love for God and for others through dynamic, Spirit-led, lifecelebrating worship… proclaiming God’s life-changing truths
LIBERATE – through endless grace
finding freedom in life WITH God through bold, non-judgmental, grace-filled evangelism… sharing salvation by grace through faith in Jesus
LEAD – through discipling groups
living out our faith journey in community WITH others through relational, discipleship based, life-changing small groups… going deeper in the Word 
LAUNCH – through gospel giving
richly investing time, treasure, & talents in God’s work through generous, missional minded, life-giving service… compassionately being Jesus’ hands and feet