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Engaging with others in a life of worship, service, and giving.

What Is Koinonia?

What does the name KOINONIA.life mean? 

  • KOINONIA: Is the Greek word meaning fellowship, communion, or joint participation. For followers of Christ, koinonia (koy – nOH – nee – ah) is about sharing the bond that unifies us in Him.

  • life: For Christ followers, abundant life in Him comes by choosing to live life WITH Him and IN Him.


God created us to need Him and to need others, and these needs are met through relationships.  At KOINONIA.life, we are all about the abundant life in Christ, realized through doing life together. Simply put, our relationship with God is incomplete without relationships with one another.

Who Are We?

At KOINONIA.life we embrace that our part, our role, in the body of Christ is unique to where we are, and what God has called us to do.  We believe we are just one small part of God’s one holy church. (We hold fast to Ephesians 4:4, “there is one body”, meaning one church.)  

Our Mission

At K-life, we want to help people find life with God in community. 


Therefore, our mission at KOINONIA.life is to be a church that is:

Living out our FAITH,

as the FAMILY of God,

in intentional FELLOWSHIP

with both God and others